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            WITH prototypes, manufacturing, kitting, assembly and production included, we offer complete electronic assembly solutions. We have a complete range of electronic component placement devices, soldering equipment, and specialized electronic assembly instruments that deliver productive and top quality prototyping, small-to-mid-scale PCB manufacturing, entire kitting, assembly, and production capabilities.

             list of printed circuit board assembly capabilities allows our customers to have the convenience of a “One-Stop Service” for their manufacturing and assembly needs.

            Main Production & Inspection Equipments (8 SMT LINE 3DIP LINE)

            Equipment Name Model Manufactured by Quantity We Have Remarks
            Full Automatic Screen Printer DSP-1008 DESEN 8
            SMT Machine YV88 YAMAHA 4 8 SMT Lines
            SMT Machine YG100XGP YAMAHA 18
            SMT Machine YV100XG YAMAHA 3
            SMT Machine YG200 YAMAHA 5
            Reflow Soldering 8820SM NOUSSTAR 4
            Reflow Soldering XPM820 Vitronics Soltec 3
            Reflow Soldering NS-800 II JT 1
            Solder Paste Inspection REAL-Z5000 REAL 1
            Automatic Optical Inspection System B486 VCTA 3
            Automatic Optical Inspection System HV-736 HEXI 5
            X-Ray AX8200 UNICOMP 1
            BGA Re-work MS8000-S MSC 1
            Universal 4*48-pin drive concurrent multiprogramming system Beehive204 ELNEC 3
            Automatic Plug-In machines XG-3000 SCIENCGO 2
            Automatic wave soldering system WS-450 JT 1 3 DIP Lines
            Automatic wave soldering system MS-450 JT 2